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From: (Black Velvet)
Organization: Anonymous contact service
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 1994 19:51:41 UTC
Subject: Re: Horny Guy Tails from Minnesota [m/m]#10
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"HORNY GUY TAILS FROM MINNESOTA" has received an overwhelming response -
we thank and appreciate our readers for this acknowledgement!If you would like to receive tales prior to their posting on the
Internet, simply send your email address in confidentiality. Otherwise,
you'll simply have to wait...Horny Guy Tails From Minnesota, #10My name is Mike, and I love to suck big cocks. One summer day I had the
urge to jerk myself off.My neighbor from across the street has had a thing for me for years. I
saw through my window that he was mowing his lawn. His name is Frank,
and he's a hot, hairy bodybuilder, just like me.He was so sweaty that I invited him over to cool off and have a drink
with me. Once inside my place he stripped off his clothes, and I started
sucking on his big, fat cock. I ended up sucking him so hard and so fast
that his come drenched my face."I'm a great cocksucker, ain't I, Frank?" I asked."You sure are, baby," he said.Pleased with his confirmation, I once again put my hot moist mouth on his
cock, and before long he shot a second load down my throat.Wanting a bit more action, I stripped off my clothes, and Frank said he
wanted to fuck me. He reached for a jar of Vaseline that I had close by
and put some on his big, fat, juicy, hard cock. Slowly he started to
fuck me, which is the type of sex that I really love.Frank began to spank me on my hot ass, and he started talking dirty to
me, which makes me come like bullets. Then he kissed me, and our tongues
swirled together."Hey," he said, "you like the feel of my big cock sliding in and out of you?""Yeah, Frank!" I said, "Baby, fuck me hard."
"I'm gonna come up your ass, and I want to see you explode all over your
hairy chest," he said. "That would really get me off - seeing your hot
semen sizzling on your chest."It sounded like a fair deal to me. I flipped over on my back, and Frank
fucked me hard and Lolita Porn Pics deep, just like I asked. The sweat started to trickle
down his chest, and after a few minutes of thrusting, his come shot far
up my ass, and my spunk spewed all over my face, mouth, and chest."Baby," he said after we had rested a few minutes. "I love to fuck your
hot ass. How about you let me do it again right now?"I cocked an eyebrow at him and said, "You'd better leave to mow the lawn,
Frank. The grass is getting very high by your place, and the neighbors
are complaining!"-------------------------------------------------------------------------
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